I'm a local to North County and that is where my heart lies. I was born in Escondido and lived there until my high school years when my family moved to Houston Tx. Though it's a great place for many it wasn't the right fit for me so after graduating I moved back to Oceanside Ca and promptly signed up for cosmetology school. I've been in the industry for over 10 years now and have had the opportunity to experience many aspects of it. I worked with a bridal company specializing in bridal hair and makeup for several years. Though I loved it I needed more community, so I left and started at Blo Blow Dry Bar for several years while also working in a full service salon a couple days a week. There I built some amazing friendships and learned a lot but was ready for something more. I had been introduced to a local lash artist who was looking for someone to train and pass work onto. It seemed like a perfect opportunity. While working with her, I came to really enjoy lash extensions. Her and I were able to grow together and build a lasting friendship but eventually I knew it was time to spread my wings. I branched out on my own and started building quite quickly, so I started training girls to pass work onto and grow with me as well. I hope to continue our growth and to someday be apart of something bigger, but am so grateful for exactly where I am now.