Classic lashes


Full Set $157

Fills $52


Classic lashes consist of a one to one application, meaning you receive one extension to each natural lash, creating a natural look of any length or shape.

flat lashes


Full Set $160

Fills $58


Flat lashes also consist of a one to one application but are done with a lash constructed specifically to add fullness without added weight. This creates a fuller and bolder look then a classic lash.



hybrid lashes


Full Set $178

Fills $65


Hybrid lashes are a mixture of both volume lashes and classic or flat depending on the look you're wanting. This creates a fuller look then both classic and flat lashes but are less full than a volume lash.


volume lashes


Full Set $184

Fills $70


Volume lashes consist of one volume fan to each natural lash. A volume fan is created with several thinner lashes fanned together to create a full fluffy lash. This creates a full and fluffy look. This specific style of volumes are created with pre-fanned lashes.



Custom Volume


Full Set $195

Fills $74


Custom volume lashes are very similar to traditional volume lashes, but each fan is custom made for each individual style. This creates a full look with more style options along with the ability to do mega volume.

lash perm





Lash perms are great for clients who are a lash extension candidate. It's a short process that chemically alters your natural lash creating semi-permanent curl lasting 6-8 weeks.




Here at Salty Lash we do respect our artist time and talents therefore we do have a 24 hour cancelation policy, if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment with or without notice you will be charged for 50% of your appointment. We understand life happens and will do so with discretion and hope that this can be a mutually respected policy.