#8 It does get easier

My baby is 4 months old yay! We’ve survived so far, and honestly it’s so freakin fun but there are some things that can happen at this time that you may not know about. We are currently experiencing what’s called a sleep regression (eye roll) which is common around 3 or 4 months for your baby to start waking up all the time again and it sucks. It’s contributed to a couple things, hunger due to a growth spurt, apparently boredom, possible teething and an excitement for everything. Their brains are developing a lot and by now they are so much more aware of their surroundings and it’s exciting and intriguing and that can tend to keep them up. So that being said we’re not getting a lot of sleep right now haha. We’re considering starting early solids just at night to hopefully get more sleep, which is totally safe I learned i fully believe each family needs to do what’s best for them. I’ve been surviving off my one cup off coffee in the morning (since I’m breastfeeding one is all ya get) which gets me through my work day so ya know were managing, and when I come home it’s usually to a happy baby and that just melts my heart.

The 3 to 4 month stage has been a really rad transition. She’s starting to have so much more personality! She giggles at things now, she baby talks to us all the time which is hilarious by the way. The other day we were in the car listening to music and she was just singing along haha it kills me, in a good way. She recognizes people now but specially my husband and I, and there’s not greater feeling then her looking at me and watching her face light up. I don’t think there’s any other person in the world that gets that excited to see me and it’s so rewarding. She’s a little more easy going, like she will hang out by herself for a little bit on the couch or her play pen without screaming or I come home from work now and her and my husband aren’t in tears, even more so they had an “easy” lovely day together. Those first couple months are kinda rough, and I have a pretty easy baby and it seems like just when you don’t know if you’re gonna make it you wake up one morning and things are a little easier. Not to say we don’t have hard days or frustrating moments but most of those are caused by my selfish desires of wanting more independence and I simply remind myself that these stages and moments don’t last very long and to embrace them. I still have days where I’m driving home from work and the idea of going out dancing and drinking sounds like so much fun and then the exhaustion sets in and the reality of having a baby and those dreams quickly go out the window and it’s all good because I have this sweet beautiful baby that lights up like no one else to see me but taking a step back from yourself to fully love another person can be bittersweet sometimes. I think that’s where finding your own balance is so important.

Now I’m super lucky that I have family near by that’s really supportive so I'm able to work and we get to go out here and there because we have family willing to watch her that we know she will be safe and loved. I’m sure if we didn’t have that it would be much harder for us to get away. That being said we still all 3 go out and do things all the time and even that is just nice to change it up and get out of the house. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and play with baby keys for 12hrs it also doesn’t mean the only activities you do have to be baby oriented. We go out to lunch and take long walks together. The first month we used to walk to the coffee shop by our house every morning and just enjoy chatting and coffee and she would hang with us there. We still go to our friends house and go to their low key parties and socialize, and she loves it honestly. She likes the people and the music and it’s stimulating for her, probably way more then staring at my face all day haha. So that brings us balance, not isolating ourselves. It was kinda weird at first and a little challenging but just like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Do we leave the party early? Yes. Do we take things a easier? Yes. Do we still have fun and enjoy ourselves? Yes! So things may not be the same but that’s ok. This is our new normal now and I’m completely ok with that.