#9 8 reasons why I did placenta encapsulation

8 reason to do placenta encapsulation.

1.  Faster physical recovery - right out of the hospital your body has a lot of recovery to do and this will assist in spreading up your recovery for all the reasons listed below.

2.  Emotional Stability - something everyone experiences is an emotional roller coaster right after the baby regardless of how amazing or difficult it was your hormones are all over the place and the placenta helps regulate them a little faster, and that’s something every women wants.

3.  Energy - this is a big one too. Due to your exhaustion especially in that first week, having a natural boost is really helpful. No matter how much help you have from others you’re still going to be the main care taker of that beautiful baby and having some extra energy helps. I took a little less then what was recommended and that gave me plenty so I can only imagine what a full dose would do.

4.  Immunity boost - the placenta is referred to as “life” seeing as it once helped give life to your baby, your body created it to provide nutrients to grow that little human and you can use that same magic to help give yourself life! Anytime your feeling little sickies coming on you can take the placenta to get you through it faster and hopefully skip it all together!

5.  Boost milk supply - your body creates a hormone called prolactin when you produce breast milk, taking the placenta does the same thing, telling your body to produce more milk. I had a week where my production slowed for whatever reason and I started taking my tinctures after reading something online about how it helps and it totally did, that same day actually I noticed it increase.

6.  Emotional support later - unfortunately hormones are an ever changing thing so they may level out initially but that doesn’t mean they won’t get crazy down the road, which in turn makes you crazy... sigh. I totally had this happen, who knows the cause but I definitely have had a rough week or two and kinda forgot I had these in my arsenal. Again after reading a post on how to safely mood boost while breastfeeding someone suggested taking your placenta, not sure why I didn’t think of that, we’re gonna blame it on mom brain, but it totally helped. I wasn’t a new person or anything but I wasn’t on the verge of depression anymore either so I’d say that’s a win.

7.  Use it for your period - I was told this one by a friend, I haven’t had my first postpartum period yet but I’ve been told it’s great for it. Considering it helps balance your hormones and increase your iron levels it’s supposedly helpful during your period with cramps mainly and keeping your emotions in check... who doesn’t want that. And that brings us to our next point...

8.  It increases your Iron levels - immediately after having a baby you need to keep your iron levels up just like you do during the pregnancy. Have the placenta encapsulation or tinctures is a great way to do this. It will help you feel better after loosing a lot of blood from labor and that first week or so and it’s going to help with your milk production if you’re breastfeeding.

So that being said, I highly recommend doing the placenta encapsulation along with the tinctures if you can. The capsules will last you for the first month or so postpartum but the tinctures last you until after that so it’s really nice to have both. They’ve really helped me and I know many other women who’ve had success with them. I went through my girlfriend Jelina who did an amazing job for me. You contact her when your going into labor so she knows it’s gonna be time and then once the baby is born you contact her again and she comes and picks it up for you and then returns with the capsules and tinctures if you’ve decided a day or so later. She was extremely professional I wouldn’t have even know she was there to pick it up if my husband hadn’t of made it known. She brought me some guidelines on using and talked to me about all the benefits and best ways to go about figuring out my doses and what not. She’s also a doula so she has a ton of education and experience on the matter. It was very comforting to have all the information on it so I could get the most out of them. If you don’t have someone you’re already wanting to use I highly recommend her for it. Regardless though it’s worth every penny in my opinion and I hope this helps you make your decision on whether it’s right for you or not.


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