#12 Congrats to me I have a 6 month old

We made it! We’ve survived the first 6 months of being a family. I say we because we each have had our own struggles through these last 6 months but I am here to tell you it does get easier. Though we were pretty lucky and have an overall easy baby, becoming parents is a challenging life changing event. In my previous posts I had mentioned possibly starting her on some solids because everyone swears it will help them sleep. These people are wrong, no offense, but she’s just not a good sleeper, I’ve accepted that, you should too. It just is what it is and feeding her more solid food has not made a difference. That being said we ended up not starting as early as I initially wanted to. I was gonna start at 4ish months and decided against it essentially because a handful of people kinda freaked me out about starting her too early. The rule of thumb is for them to be sitting up by themselves and showing an interest in food. Some pediatricians say 4 months is totally fine others say wait until the 6 month mark. There’s also several different options on how to start them, which I was not aware of but apparently you can do what’s called baby led weaning, which is where you cut foods up basically in the shape of French fries so they are long and skinny and can learn to eat on their own, the other way is baby food, a purée of foods. We’ve chosen purée and we waited until about 5 1/2 months, she was showing a ton of interest in solid foods and sitting up on her own so we went for it. We started with avocados, we decided to skip the baby cereal because of what’s called “the white out” in the pediatrician world (it will be easier for you to look it up then me explaining it to you) and she loved them!! Omg did she love them, like went crazy for them so of course I kept feeding them to her... unfortunately she got super constipated really badly. We ended up having to give her a suppository to help her poop, poor baby girl, it definitely did the trick though. So we’ve slowed down for a min and will start back up soon but probably less servings of solids per day. Fun things, she babbles soooo much now, it’s freakin hilarious. We keep joking that she’s gonna grow up to be a dinosaur because of all the ridiculous sounds she makes. She said her first word, which was mama!! Not that it’s a competition but ya know how can I not be stoked on that haha, 9 months of growing, 24 hours of laboring and all these months of breastfeeding it’s only fair that mama is her first word right?! She is waaay happier now just as a whole, she’s so giggly and smiley. I come home from work and she hasn’t spent the whole day crying because I wasn’t there. She takes naps, like actual naps where I can lay her down for a couple hours during the day and get things done. She’s definitely workin her way to crawling so I’ll report back when that happens... overall things are getting easier a little less scary and definitely more fun as she develops and grows and her personality starts to shine.

I’m finally starting to feel normal, so it’s taken me 6 months to feel kinda normal. I keep hearing that slogan in my head “9 months in 9 months out” meaning if it took that long to grown the baby it will take just as long to heal from the baby, which no one wants to accept but at least I’m on the closer side to 9 months now and hoping that I will feel even better by then. I started working out finally. Like a lot of people I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t haha, I wanted to go to Pilates classes really badly but unfortunately the cost and the time just isn’t working out for me at the moment, I still plan on going but I’m not allowing it to be my excuse to not exercise. So I started working out at home, just little short work outs Pilates style. I’ve been specifically following Bailey Brown on you tube who has an assortment of work outs done in a Pilates style. What I really like about hers is that she has lots of mat work outs, and anytime you’re working out on your back instead of standing you’re also working on your pelvic floor muscles which is important in general but really important after you’ve had a baby. She also has one that focus on your lower abs and obliques which are the areas I specifically wanted to improve. They range from 10-25 mins so there’s really no excuse for me not to. It’s made me feel more normal emotionally but also more confident in myself, even if I don’t look any different I feel better knowing I’m taking care of my body. That’s really what’s important is feeling good about yourself. I had a moment the other day shopping with a girlfriend, where I tried on a dress and it was definitely too small and was not flattering at all and it totally crushed my spirits. My girlfriend, who I love, gave me crap for allowing that stupid dress to ruin my mood or how I felt about myself and I appreciated that, because it’s true. I’ve done something incredible with my body and if a couple months after growing and birthing a human I can’t wear a little black dress I shouldn’t allow that to dictate how amazing I am or how I feel about myself, and neither should you.

I’m still breastfeeding, yay 6 months! Honestly I’ve had a pretty easy journey when it’s come to that and I’m super thankful, I’m really enjoying our time now, knowing it probably won’t last too much longer I try and take in every minute of it. Fortunately she’s not teething yet so I’m not getting my nipple bit off at the moment, I’m may feel differently about things when that starts to happen. I’m still in a sleepy daze most days, but I just compensate with a cup of coffee in the morning and B vitamins midday. I have started to get a little bit of cabin fever though. The weather has not been conducive to getting out and about which makes it worse but as I’ve said in past posts I really enjoying going out and used to all the time before I had a baby. Obviously things have slowed down and we stay in most nights and honestly I don’t mind 90% of the time but every once in awhile I get this strong desire to want to go out and have a drink and enjoy dinner and the atmosphere of somewhere beside my living room. I think that’s really what it is, it’s the atmosphere more then anything, I’m the type of person that feeds off the energy of my environment so getting to go out and be around the chatter and laughter of 50 other people who are enjoying their time makes me wanna chat and laugh and also have an awesome time. When I’m sitting at home with a sleepy baby watching shows with my sleepy husband what do you think I want to do? You got it, sleep. So for me it’s been really important to get a date night or a girls brunch every once in awhile to keep up morale. So I feel like a congrats is in order, we’re all alive and well enjoying this crazy journey of becoming parents and growing as a family and I hope you’re doing the same.

Stay Salty, xoxo

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