#11 A few of my favorite things


Ever see the Sound of Music, “simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad” can’t help but sing it in my head haha. Anyways here’s a list of my favorite postpartum items with links attached! You’ll want it all immediately after the birth and probably for a little while after. Prepping for the baby is good but don’t forget about yourself. If you have a c-section the list will probably be a little different but always good to be prepared either way!

First on the list, Tucks witch hazel pads. These are the shit. Honestly they provide so much relief and are very soothing for your sensitive vagina. Think of them as large cotton rounds soaked in witch hazel, you’ll lay them out on top of your regular pad. I switched them every time I used the restroom but you can do it as often or little as you need. Highly recommend.

Next in line are the cooling pads! Everyone says you can make your own and I’m sure you can I chose to purchase some it was just easier for me. These ones are like regular cooling packs in the sense that you snap them and shake it to create the cooling reaction these double as a pad so that’s a bonus. I didn’t like that much cold being directly applied so I only used a couple and used the Tucks a lot more but it was nice to have when I needed it.

If you haven’t heard of it yet Earth Mama Perineal Spray is my jam. It’s a blend of witch hazel and a few essential oils designed specifically to soothe and heal your vagina. On top of that it smells nice and who doesn’t want that?! Everything is so swollen and inflamed afterwards anything you can do to help soothe irritation is going to be good and this gets a gold star for that.

This next one is more embarrassing but so worth it, a sitz bath. This is a basin that sits (get it) on top of your toilet bowl, that you fill with warm water and it drains out the back of the basin into the toilet. This is kinda awkward at first but really great for all those sore bits and again very soothing. On top of that it’s an easy way to clean everything without any extra work or having to fill your bathtub and clean it multiple times a day. You usually use Epsom salts with it which helps the body heal faster and relaxes the muscles. So essentially it’s a small bath for your bottom and vagina. I was a slacker on purchasing mine and wish I had done it sooner so just get over it and buy one.

Moving on to pads lol you’ll need a good handful of heavy pads right after. I wanted cotton ones with no scent or additives, my thought was I wanted the most gentle things possible on my body and a simple cotton pad made the cut. I bought mine from target but have listed another brand as well that I liked.

Men’s boxer briefs, may seem a little odd but you know how everyone talks about the mesh underwear the hospital gives you? Well those are amazing but they only last so long and do you honestly want to be in mesh underwear for more then a couple days? Not really lol you feel ridiculous. Anyways after I had surpassed the appropriate amount to time to live in those I still wasn’t ready for my normal cute but probably tighter then I’d like underwear so I upgraded to boxer briefs. They are enough support for you pad but unlike women’s underwear they don’t have any tight, thin elastic so you get a comfortable snug fit with pad support.

Now moving up the body to your boobs! Mainly nursing stuff haha so you’ll want an assortment of nursing bras. You’ll need a couple sleep bras, a normal bra and probably a cute one as well as some breast pads to go in your bra. If you’re me you’ll want lots of cute ones and no practical ones. Unfortunately there’s not a ton of options but I found a few that I thought was a good balance. So I would start with  sleep bras, there’s a set on Amazon that’s super comfy nude and black basic bras and still cute in a way but they do stretch out so I wash mine a lot to shrink them back up. Another good one are the ones at motherhood super soft, kinda sports bra style and maintain their shape much better. They do carry lacy sleep bras but the fit wasn’t my fave.

Next are your everyday nursing bras, I got a couple basics at motherhood, 2 cute lace ones on amazon that kinda look like bralettes and then my fav from lively. The basics from motherhood are great because your gonna need that plain nude one and black one for specific tops and outfits so those are a must. I got a wireless one in each color and then one with a wire incase I felt the need for extra support. They’ve kept their shape well and do their job for sure. Then the bralettes are nice for tops that might be showing more of your bra and you don’t want some sad boring bra to be your only option, the only down side to these is they don’t hold their shape as well either and aren’t super supportive so probably not your everyday but a great option to have in your arsenal when you’re wanting to feel a little fancy or show off a little, plus they are cheap so totally worth the price. Last but not least, the Lively bra! If you haven’t seen the adds for it all over social media yet, it’s a new company who’s goal was to create cute and comfortable bras and bralettes for all size boobies! I am obsessed, they fit soooo well and are extremely comfy and still very reasonably priced. The only thing I’m bummed about is the nursing bras not being available in more colors, the struggle... but they are carried in black and and soft pink. I have the soft pink and have basically worn this as my main bra since I got it so I highly highly recommend it. If you are on a budget and can only do a couple, for sure get a sleep bra and I would get the Lively for your everyday.


Alongside your bra you’ll probably need nursing pads. If you’re like me and don’t stop leaking after the first couple of months these will be your best friend. I got a handful of the traditional round organic bamboo ones which are great in the beginning because you leak A LOT and I was changing them a ton but then I also have some of the bamboosie heart shaped ones. Someone gave me some of these and at first I thought “that’s stupid just cause I’m a girl doesn’t mean I want pink heart ones” well come to find out there’s a reason for that, duh, the heart shape fits way better in your bra and doesn’t show through your clothes! Imagine that. So I ended up using both, the round ones for the beginning and at night and then the hearts for during the day once my leaking slowed down a little. Both are great and have their purpose and they aren’t too pricey so totally worth it. 

To add to that I suggest getting nursing tank tops as well. Initially I didn’t see a reason for them but it’s actually really nice to have when your first learning to breastfeed because it eliminates one more obstacle of dealing with your clothing. Now that I have the hang of it I don’t wear mine as much but they were great to have in the beginning. Also when you really don’t feel like wearing a bra the tank is a nice alternative, at least for around the house so I feel like they were worth it.

For the last body part your bum, if you haven’t read my previous posts going to the bathroom is a struggle in the beginning and your gonna need some help. Don’t be that person who thinks your too good for stool softeners cause your not. I’ve heard some awful stories of women doing drastic things because they didn’t think they would need stool softeners and ended up super constipated. I know it sucks and it’s embarrassing but it is what it is. You just pushed a human being out of your body so keep that in mind. That being said some basic stool softeners are great. Another great alternative or even in addition to the softeners is taking magnesium, it’s going to help with going to the bathroom along with relax your mind and your body’s muscles that is safe during breastfeeding. Magnesium helps with sleep as well so if you find yourself having a hard time beside the fact you have a baby this may help. Another side note they say if your crave a lot of chocolate that you’re most likely deficient in magnesium so maybe keep that in mind too. I took it here and there and it’s always helped, it’s nice that it’s natural and has multiple benefits to it.

So I hope this helps. It’s what worked for me and you may have other things that are better for you but I was glad to have them all in my back pocket. Having a baby messes with things for a little while so anything to help ease that transition was worth it to me.

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