#14 Sleep training at its finest

So we’ve made it to 9 months! If you’ve been following me on social media you probably know we’ve been sleep training, or at least trying to haha. It’s been a serious struggle for me though. Being sleep deprived is legit, I’ve woken up nauseas a couple of times because of how tired I was so I’m exhausted to say the least. We transitioned her into her crib at about 7 months and started what’s called “the gentle sleep method” which essentially means we’re not letting her just cry it out. There’s a lot of people who do CIO method and that’s totally fine it’s just not what I wanted and to be honest I don’t think we could handle it. We’re both a bunch of babies when it comes to listening to her cry, we try but 10 min is about as long as I can go without picking her up. So anyways this method suggests letting them cry for about 10 mins then going in and soothing them while they’re still in the crib if that doesn’t work you pull them out and if that doesn’t work then you feed them. It’s more like a process of elimination trying to figure out what the issue is and why she’s woken up. Some nights it works great other nights it’s terrible. So you have all of that right and we’ve been super consistent because they say that’s the most important part, being consistent, but then she’s been teething. Apparently all sleep training goes out the window when they are actively teething which is confusing because it’s hard to tell sometimes if she’s teething or just upset, so when do you know when to do the steps and when to skip them because she’s hurting? You just get to guess basically. There’s nights when I do the steps and I feel guilty because I know just feeding her will make her feel better and then other nights where I do skip all the steps and then I worry that I’m just messing with our whole routine and probably have. I can’t help but blame myself for thinking my lack of consistency is why we’re still in this cycle. It’s a lot of pressure, I didn’t think there would be so much pressure to get my baby to sleep. It’s unintentional but it’s there for sure. You feel it from all the other moms in your life, you feel it from your husband and you put it on yourself. I had a million parents, literally a million, tell me that when she started eating solids she would sleep through the night, that she was just hungry and that would resolve the issue. I’m here to tell you that has not happened, she eats 3 meals a day plus breastfeeding and she’s still a tiny baby and still has bad nights. Now she has had a few good nights and those nights give me hope that it’s working and maybe she is just uncomfortable and this will pass and she will sleep through the night soon. We’ve been recommend to get her adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor, so we have that appointment already booked and my fingers crossed hoping it will help correct whatever is keeping her from staying asleep.

On another note I’m feeling better and better everyday. I’ve almost hit the 9 month mark, going back to the “9 month in 9 month out” theory that every one tells you to be patient with. I’m back down in weight and starting to notice some toning coming back. I’ve been doing Pilates style exercises at home but it may be time to step up my game soon to get the result I’m wanting. A couple things that are still different and probably always will be, my skin texture which I don’t know why I didn’t think about this but the skin on my stomach feels a little different, more squishy and stretchable. I was blessed enough to not end up with stretch marks, but it does feel different my husband says it’s softer, in a good way... kind words lol. My belly button is shaped differently, not weird just different. And my digestion is definitely different, I get bloated way easier then I used to and my diet affects how I feel so much more now. So I recently bought a juicer and plan on trying out some different juices, I’ve been inspired by the Medical Medium and am hoping to heal whatever gut imbalance are happening and pinpoint which foods are causing the bloat, cause no matter how fit you are bloating isn’t cute.

Overall we’re doing really well, if you eliminate the lack of sleep everything else is starting to feel so much more normal and we finally have what feels like a routine. I’m not nervous about things anymore, and feel much more comfortable being a mom. I know it’s an ever changing thing and I look forward to it all but I’m really soakin up each stage as it comes and am totally in love with it.